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March 17, 2021

Are You Annoying Your Audience?

too much information

A lot of people are concerned about annoying their audience. This concern is usually tied to a feeling that they are over-communicating. “But I just posted yesterday. Is it too early to post again?” does that sound familiar?

Good news! This is an easy problem to fix. First – don’t be annoying.

Secondly, if you feel like you’re over-communicating, always ask this before you post: Why am I sending this information? If the answer is anything other than “because this is super helpful / valuable / entertaining / etc. to the audience,” then it is not worth sending.

We are often posting because of some arbitrary deadline we have imposed on ourselves or believe there is a magic formula to how often we communicate. While consistency is a good and helpful target to aim for, I would forego consistency for sending out something I was not proud to send.

If you are useful or helpful in any way, the bottom line is you cannot over-communicate. For some insight on content creation, check out this episode of Totally Hyped, with Robert Rose. We discuss content creation and this very point.

Marketing Is Hard

Marketing is hard. Since 2009 I have been consulting companies and their marketers through their situations. From 2002 until 2009, I had employees doing all the work. While I did all the work before that, it has been a long time. I recently decided to start from scratch, to re-tool the consulting service and start a podcast.

I am re-working all the old automations we had in place and inventing new ones. I will let you know about them when they are ready, but, in the meantime, I just want to say to all small businesses driving their own marketing, either through a firm or as DIYers – Marketing is hard.

My mission is to make marketing easier for you.

marketing hard

Is The Digital Marketing Failure Rate Really 90%?

Marketing fail

This week I posted a new podcast on the high failure rate of digital marketing. About five years ago, I was researching this very issue. The reports claimed about a 73% failure rate at that time, where current reports state over 90%. This issue is easy to solve in theory. It is more difficult in practice and requires discipline and patience. The issue stems from poor communication and the agreement between marketer and stakeholder being set up incorrectly.

For the sake of time, I’ll oversimplify. Marketing cannot be wrapped up in a clean set of deliverables. It requires monitoring, adjusting, testing, retesting, and re-adjusting. When a marketing project is set up properly, the deliverable is a measurable result. The easiest example I can think of is if you agree with your marketers to build a new website to increase leads by 10%, the project is not over when the website is launched. The project is over when the website is generating 10% more leads.

Always remember to buy a result, not a marketing service or tactic. Here is a more in-depth episode