You Need a Marketing Advocate

19 Reasons Why You Need  A Marketing Consultant

Considering most businesses and even most marketers do not believe they are getting the best results, it makes sense to bring in a knowledgeable, unbiased, fresh set of eyes. Here are 19 irrefutable reasons your business needs a marketing consultant/advocate.

Reason #1 – To Flip the 87% Failure Rate to a 100% Guaranteed Successful Result

Over 3,000 marketers were surveyed, and a whopping 87% said they did NOT think their results were very successful. The sole reason Levelogics exists is to work with small businesses to guarantee their marketing efforts achieve meaningful, measurable business-improving results. Whether you are a DIYer, have an in-house marketing team, or work with an outside marketing firm, Levelogics will advocate for your business.

Reason #2 – To Provide Clarity Between Business Objectives and Marketing Services Provided

One of the primary reasons marketing projects fail is because of miscommunicated or misunderstood objectives. With experience dating back to 1996, Levelogics cuts straight through ambiguity and creates clarity where the disconnect between business objectives and marketing services exists. The Levelogics process is relentless in getting to the root of why a marketing project exists in the first place. That process is so reliable the results of your marketing project will improve your business, guaranteed.

Reason #3 – So Every Marketing Effort Will Achieve Better Results, and You’ll Save Oodles of Dollars.

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to marketing. It can be expensive, tough to manage, make or break your reputation, and even impact staff in good and bad ways. Choose your metaphor – there are a lot of plates to keep spinning or a lot of balls to juggle. When you hire Levelogics, you’re not adding a layer to the equation; you’re subtracting waste in the form of reducing headaches, time, and money tied up in over-sold services prevalent in today’s marketing space.

Reason #4 – Because You Want Business to Improve and Grow Right Now.

How many times have you thought you had the magic bullet in your marketing gun, but after taking the shot, it turned out the bullet was less magic and more ho-hum? If you hire Levelogics, the improvement or growth you’re looking for is what you will get, guaranteed. We have everything at our disposal and the experience to use only what is necessary to improve your business the way you want. The amount of time, money, and headaches you’ll save will be life-altering.

Reason #5 – To Overcome The Unavoidable Conflict of Interest Between Marketing Service Providers and Your Organization

The rarely discussed but often destructive conflict of interest between marketers and businesses that buy marketing services is probably the biggest culprit for inefficiency and wasted money. Marketing companies can sell only the services they offer. On the other hand, a truly unbiased consultant can devise plans to utilize any aspect of marketing and bring the right services to the table regardless of how many vendors are required. This difference is exacerbated when fewer services are needed. Marketing firms keep the lights on by selling more services where a legitimate consultant is rewarded when results are achieved, even if no additional services are required.

Reason #6 – Because True Marketing Consultants/Advocates Solve the “Everybody Thinks They’re a Marketer” Problem

Not everyone is a marketer, even though everyone believes they are or that they have all the marketing answers. There are very few certainties in life, but one thing that is certain is that in every marketing project, someone who can influence a marketing project will believe they have the answers despite having no real marketing experience. This can cause marketing projects to go badly. A truly collaborative partnership with Levelogics can help side-step these issues while saving relationships. Our systematic approach can weigh all options and definitively flesh out the most direct path to achieving the objective.

Reason #7 – To Define and Defend The Commander’s Intent: The Marketing is Not Done Until Your Business Has Improved in a Measurable Way

In the heat of battle, plans and deliverables may have to change, but the objective does not. There is a galactic-sized difference between deliverables and objectives or results. Deliverables are akin to checking tasks off a list. When all the tasks are complete (or deliverables are handed over), there is an expectation that some sort of improvement for the business will ensue. When you work with Levelogics, business improvement is the ONLY objective, and the desired measurable result is guaranteed. Period. If you find a marketing firm that will guarantee results the way Levelogics guarantees results, we will consult on your project alongside that marketing firm for free.

Reason #8 – Because Marketing Has Become a Shoot First, Aim Later Game That Small Businesses Cannot Win.

The marketing industry has crippled small businesses’ chances for success. Today’s marketing approaches like “shoot first, aim later” and “spray and pray” are common. Even if you have never heard of those cliches, they are the norm, and if they sound unorganized or careless, it’s because they are. Companies with larger marketing budgets may not notice how inefficient and costly these approaches can be. However, companies with smaller budgets will struggle to stay the course and will be robbed of their chances for success. The Levelogics approach is fast yet careful, measured, and founded on an understanding of your marketplace that clears the most direct path between where your company is now and the business objectives you’re aiming to achieve.

Reason #9 – Because Incorrect Information, Confusing Jargon, and Mis-Used Marketing Terminology are Costing You Dearly, and You Don’t Even Know it.

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing, “Social Media Marketing,” Marketing and Advertising, “Content Marketing,” SEO, SEM, PPC, SERP – and on and on. Most of the jargon used in today’s marketing is misleading or used incorrectly. Even more depressing is, the information you get online or even straight from the marketer’s mouth is wrong. Plain and simple. A proper marketing advocate, or pure consultant, will speak clearly and connect the dots between which marketing efforts are needed to improve your business, what marketers are selling you, and what is available. Levelogics allows you to run your business and speak only to how you want your business to be improved – we will devise the marketing plan and guide the marketing troops to a successful conclusion – no matter what barriers stand in our way.

Reason #10 – To Replace Emotion, Subjectivity, Bias, Ego, and Pride With Pragmatic Marketing Approaches Guaranteed to Work

Emotion, subjectivity, bias, ego, and pride can inadvertently ruin marketing projects. Even when a tactic or channel is not performing (after testing many variables), some companies are unwilling to pull the plug on their “darling” platforms. Worse yet, marketers can show or even believe these tactics provide value when they are costing valuable time and money and bringing nothing to the table. In some cases, the tactics may provide some value, but your business needs someone who can definitively say which is the most effective use of your resources.

Reason #11 – To Simplify Marketing and Advertising

There are people who make marketing and advertising seem easy, but only once you’ve jumped in headfirst and spent a small fortune can you truly appreciate the challenge. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Marketing is like herding cats. Eventually, small businesses will settle for mediocrity or worse. A marketing consultant keeps everything in perspective and ensures your efforts are set to achieve your business goals.

Reason #12 – Because You’re Measuring the Wrong Things

All too often, marketers and businesses are looking at the wrong measurements. While measuring is always good, certain measurements mean very little without supporting data. For example, one of the most treasured stats in digital marketing is Website Traffic. Everyone loves to brag about Website Traffic increases, but if a website’s Bounce Rate increases inline, you’ll see little to no benefit to your business. The same is true when you examine Website Traffic with conversions. Getting more visitors to a website is easy – trained monkeys can do it – getting the right visitors to a website and getting them to buy requires a good strategy founded on experience. There are at least a dozen other measurements where marketers and businesses fool themselves into thinking they are doing a good job. They may be wasting time and money AND not improving the business.

Reason #13 – To Manage a Comprehensive Strategy

When businesses manage marketing on their own, wrangling all the specialists you may need (Social Media, PPC, Content, Display, Website, TV, Radio…) is like herding cats. An even bigger problem is created when all the efforts are not focused on achieving the same goal, using the same standards. Instead of all of your marketing and advertising efforts working in concert, one effort by one specialist may inadvertently work against another specialist’s work and cause all efforts to fall short.

Reason #14 – Marketing Hype Vs. Reality. When Hype Wins. You Lose.

Despite the fact that no one knows how a marketing campaign will perform before it begins, we all have expectations. Expectations are derived from the hype we hear, see or read, the ambiguous, pie-in-the-sky scenarios marketing firms sell, and our own hopes. When things don’t go as we envisioned, there is a tendency to view the effort as a failure. The failure began long before you started seeing initial results. A properly conceived marketing project will ensure that all stakeholders have a realistic view of how projects evolve. The expectation that when a campaign is launched, it will either succeed or fail is ludicrous. Even if the campaign feels like a mega-hit, perhaps it could be better. Learning, adjusting, and continuous improvement is an innate part of the process, not an afterthought.

Reason #15 – To Rent A Marketing Executive

Imagine guaranteed marketing results coupled with time and money saving efficiencies and unapparelled creativity each aimed at improving your business and smoking the competition… all neatly packaged in a seasoned marketing executive for the cost of an executive assistant. 

Reason #16 – Because Inbound Vs. Outbound is Bull ShI+! – You’re Being Steered In The Wrong Direction

Recently a very prominent company that sells marketing automation published an article on Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing. In the article, the author attempts to show readers how to transition from Outbound Marketing (traditional) to Inbound Marketing (digital) and describes why Outbound is less attractive than Inbound. The premise is flawed and shows a complete lack of understanding related to marketing. Your business objectives determine which approaches, channels, or platforms should be used. In any given situation, all promotional resources should be at your disposal. Many marketing firms are rooted in digital, and even full service firms favor digital. The truth is that Inbound and Outbound are not against one another. In fact, they work beautifully together when the situation arises.

Reason #17 – For Marketing and Sales Harmony

Somewhere along the line, Sales teams and Marketing teams were separated. Probably to protect an executive’s reputation or ego from being hurt by someone from the other team. In most organizations, Sales and Marketing begrudgingly work together but on separate floors. In other scenarios, Marketing supports the Sales team. If you really want to sell more “stuff,” create an environment where Marketing and Sales work together to achieve the same goal. It’s rare when Levelogics can help a client create such an environment. Mostly, we act as a liaison and bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing teams.

Reason #18 – Because Experience and Collaboration Breed Magical Levels of Creativity

Creativity is the key to a project’s success. It’s more than the beautiful form of a project; it is the foundational element required not just to find solutions to problems but to see problems before they arise. Because Levelogics has experience in all kinds of industries, with hundreds of clients dating back to a time where the world’s largest brands used our expertise to understand the brand-new digital landscape, creativity comes easily. It’s a habit.

It is harder than anyone thinks to define why your product or service is different than competitors or other options. It is equally difficult to tap into the exact right emotion that will cause people to want to buy a new product or service. Regardless of the challenge, when you put the right people in the room – magic happens.

Reason #19 – Access To The Broadest Network of Experts

Most full-service marketing firms have to farm out work to outside experts. In fact, Levelogics experts were the resource a number of the largest marketing firms used to help them develop their in-house digital operations back in 2006-08. Whether achieving your goals requires resources in media buying, PR, print, social media, PPC, or advertising through digital display networks, you will not find a broader network of experts at your disposal than when you work with Levelogics. We will gladly and harmoniously work with your existing teams and help you augment your staff if needed.

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