Expert marketing consultation to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses.

Straight Forward & Hassle Free

From SEO and Social Media to Print and PR, we’ve got the expertise to get results that matter. It’s easy to get started.

60 Day Gaurantee

If our proposed strategy isn’t fully developed and underway in 60 days our services are free until they are. In 2 months you’ll wish you would have started today.

SMB Marketing Consultation The Way It Should Be

We provide strategies that work not tactics that don’t

Aiming At The Same Target

Most consultants or consulting firms are just marketing salespeople in disguise. They make more money when you buy more services. We make more money when your strategy makes you more money.

Just The Way You Are

We’re not concerned with what was or what could have been. We take your current situation and devise marketing strategies that get you where you want to go.

The Plan For Your Plan

Whether you have an internal marketing team that needs a fresh set of eyes or you need help guiding your outsourced  marketing firm, we build plans that work now and after we’re done.

Together, We Got This.

It doesn’t matter if you need to reposition your organization or you need to right-size your budget; we’ve got your back. If we start today, we’ll have you rolling before you know it.

Let's go!

Levelogics is a marketing consultation service. No long term agreements or memberships. We offer project-based one on one services and group consultation.

Level Up!

We love marketing! We want to work with anyone who could use experienced expertise to confirm they're on the right path or point them in the right direction. We eliminate the conflict that exists when marketing firms devise strategies filled with the services they are selling.

We provide a hassle-free process to get you the strategy that works. Period.

Let's work together to improve your business through marketing.

60 Day Guarantee

If our proposed strategy isn't fully underway in 60 days we will work at no additional charge until it is.

SMB Marketing Consultation Guarantee

Levelogics - small business marketing and analytics

About Levelogics

Levelogics is about providing an agnostic, judgment-free road map to successful marketing approaches for small and mid-sized businesses. We accomplish that in two ways. First, Levelogics applies decades of experience (in Marketing, Application Development, and Business Analytics) gained from working with some of the world’s largest brands. We use the same thinking and tools that won the day for those companies for your businesses.

Secondly, Levelogics improves an organization’s chances for success when the odds seem stacked against it. Whether you’re working against competitors with bigger budgets and larger workforces or your company has underperforming employees or management members that are not open to change, we work with individuals and businesses to identify the root causes, find answers, and devise solutions.

If you’re a small to mid-sized business interested in verifying or improving your marketing strategy, we’d love to help.


“The success of the company is  paramount.”

“If you’re hung up on the way you want things be, you’re not able to deal with the way they really are.”

“No matter how hard you work, you cannot succeed if you’re working on the wrong things.”

“If you’re resting on your laurels you’re about to fail.”