The 4 BEs of Marketing Success

Be there


When people decide on a purchase or are looking for information before making a purchase, you must be where they are looking to have a shot at their business.

The fact of the matter is, every product or service’s sales cycle or sales funnel can be different. From inexpensive commodity services to big-ticket products or services, customers’ process of becoming buyers is different. In fact, there is an infinite way to breakdown and influence a sales cycle or sales funnel. Some stick to a high-level version of Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action, and others have hundreds of points within their funnel. Defining the path prospects take to become customers is worth understanding.

The more or less familiar a prospect is with the product or service makes a big difference in how they might end up as customers. If you want to convert prospects to customers, you need to be wherever they start through the easiest way for them to complete a transaction. The starting point can range from completely unaware of a product or service to having experience with a product or a service; no matter where a prospect started, your presence and communications must align all the way to a completed sale.

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Learn from experts how to go beyond standing out to be compelling. It’s one thing to get people to see your ads or hear your messaging; it’s another thing to get them to act on them. You know, make the purchase, read the article, make the call or get the demo.

To consistently get results, it is necessary to understand who you are trying to compel and what is compelling to them. This might be tough for some to hear, but if you need to talk with prospects to understand how your product or service can improve their situation, you’re too late. Your competition already has the advantage.

To be compelling, you need to reframe a problem in a way prospects hadn’t considered or shine the light on a problem they had not considered or is not being solved by others. Then show that only your product or service can solve, or how your product or service can uniquely solve.

Be compelling
Be consistent


In marketing and advertising saying something amazing, one time is not going to cut it. Frequency and reinforcing your messaging is the way to win with a properly formulated message. Promoting and discussing your product or service requires focus. In fact, trying to shift messaging to fit every angle in every conversation causes confusion and dilutes the result dramatically.

The best way to be consistent is through clear organizational objectives and an equally clear understanding of your differentiators and how that makes your offering better than the competition. Achieving this kind of clarity is quite challenging, even for the most seasoned teams. The best answer often lies in the viewpoint of experienced outsiders. We can help.


“Brand” is the most overused and misunderstood term in marketing and advertising. Even if your company has never set out to develop your brand, you still have a brand. It’s not just your logo, packaging, or appearance; it’s the essence of what it is like to do business with you – at every level and every touchpoint.

If you never go through the process of developing your brand or re-branding, it is vital to understand what is important to your organization – the values, the objectives or mission(s), and the way you want customers to perceive your company.

Then the company needs to act like the aggregate of those values, objectives, and desired perceptions. The organization needs to exude those points in everything from the look and feel of logos, packaging, and advertising to how a customer is greeted when you answer the phone or gree them at the door.


Be your brand